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Liliedahl Instructional Video ~ NOW available!

Creating Dynamic Landscapes. In this 5-hour video, I'll take you through a hierarchical, step-by-step process of painting: from building an effective composition to establishing a value structure and color relationships to finishing with sensitively chosen details. Each of these crucial components of a painting will be explained and demonstrated. Whether painting plein air or using photographs for reference in the studio, you will come to a clearer understanding of how a successful painting is structured, see these essential basics anew and discover ways to use them that will improve the craft of your painting. Click here for more information or to purchase.


2018 ~ sabbatical

     I'm taking off the entire year of 2018 to concentrate on my painting, to review and update all of my teaching materials, and to take a few workshop as a student. It will be a year of exploration and energizing!

2019 Workshops

Feb. 16 – 23   Casa de los Artistas, Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico;
Several spots still open!
        A plein air and studio workshop on the beautiful Pacific coast of Mexico. Bob Masla, the owner (a terrific person and painter) has created a unique workshop experience in a small, authentic Mexican fishing village. There's plenty of serious painting–plein air and studio–but also opportunities to explore and experience the culture and country of Mexico. This is one of my very favorite venues. That's why I'll be there in 2019 for the 5th time. More info here.

May 20 – 24   Wethersfield Academy, Wethersfield, Connecticut;
Sorry, this workshop is FULL. If you wish to be on the waiting list, please contact the venue.
     This workshop will focus on using photographs, sketches, and/or plein air studies as reference and will take place entirely in the studio. We'll explore the painting process and learn about the limitations of the camera and of using photographs for reference. For intermediate to advanced painters.

Sept. 22 – 28   Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, Greenville, NY; 
Sorry, this workshop is FULL. If you wish to be on the waiting list, please contact the venue.
        Studio painting from photos, sketches, and studies. This will be for advanced painters only, limited to 15 participants. (Please contact me to register.) Using a single photograph, coupled with visual information from paintings and/or other photographs, we will create various paintings representing different seasons and times of day. We will be creating, not copying!

Oct. 9– 15 MassMOCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art), North Adams, Massachusetts.   
Sorry, this workshop is FULL, with a full waiting list.
        A 5-day workshop, this will be a Master Class for experienced painters (participation in a one of my workshops will be required) and limited to 8 participants. The schedule is yet to be determined but it will include plein air as well as studio painting. Each participant will be provided a large, enclosed, private studio. There will be a common area for lectures and demos. Trips to the Clark Museum and the Williams College of Art will be included. 
     Lodging and food: Housing, on the grounds of the museum, will consist of two apartments with four participants each. All rooms are private with a common kitchen and bath. A Friday group dinner and all lunches will be provided. (Several restaurants are within walking distance for breakfasts and dinners.) Please contact me if interest. More details will be available in late 2017.

2020 Workshops

June 1–5   Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA;
        A five-day studio workshop, using sketches, photos, and plein air studies as reference. Please note that registration will open for this workshop on December 2, 2019.

Teaching Philosophy

     My teaching philosophy is simple: it's all about you. I'm not interested in teaching you to paint like me. My sole concern is helping you to discover what it means to paint like you, to help you become a more skilled artist as you develop your authentic voice. I teach the craft and the art of painting; the craft based on my 30-plus years as a painter and illustrator and the art from my experience as a creativity coach.

The craft entails the nuts and bolts of the visual language: value, composition, drawing, color, edges, details, variation, pattern, etc., seeing the basic structure of a landscape while learning to thoughtfully and skillfully choose which elements to include in one’s painting and which ones to leave out.  I emphasize proper seeing—looking closely at the existing color and tonal relationships—and then understanding and manipulating what is seen.

The art is about discovering your authentic voice and developing self-awareness as an artist. We learn to paint by painting. If we wish to increase our skill level there is no substitute for putting in long hours in the studio. But fear, perfectionism, the need for approval, the aversion to risk-taking—all of these can inhibit our willingness to paint. The ability to deal skillfully with these issues is as important as the ability to know how to mix the right color.

To attend one of my workshop, contact me directly or the visit venues listed above.